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Digital_fingerprintWhen it comes to cybercrime, real-life hackers are generally much more interested in companies with deep pockets than individuals, but individuals can be at risk. Particularly for identity theft or account takeover situations. Some issues can be avoided by understanding the Threat Landscape.

Computer Security Terminology

Social Engineering is the use of deception to manipulate individuals into divulging

confidential or personal information that may be used for fraudulent purposes.

Phishing is a type of social engineering that casts a wide net, by sending a message to many, imitating a company of authority with a harmful link or attachment.

Spear Phishing is a type of social engineering that has specific targeting to an individual or group

with the purpose of gaining intel to penetrate defenses

File types txt is really the only safe file type to click on.

Malware is software that infects a computer, some can record keystrokes or turn on the camera.

Some ransomware will hold your data hostage demanding payment to release it and payment does not necessarily insure release.

Identity theft is a process in which an individual obtains key pieces of information to fake being another individual to a third party. And at that point, they can open accounts, take loans, etc. stuff_locked_down

Social Media threats

Account takeover – A common attack is to take control of a social media account,

state that the individual been robbed while on vacation/traveling, and ask friends/family for money.

Smart Phones can be at risk.

Spoofed messages with bad links can compromise your confidential data.

If the device is stolen, you better be sure that have some pass code on it, or someone could have access to any app on your device.

Fingerprint and facial recognition have come a long way. When facial recognition security was first introduced to mobile devices, I was able to hack into my friends phone in about 20 seconds using his photo. Personally, I use a pattern or fingerprint. Using a pin is also a good option.


Many websites are likely to have dangerous links or software, given the nature of the website,

specifically (pirate) file sharing or porn sites.

Drive by download is a type of attack where just being on an infected page can infect your device.

Countries of origin


There are many motivations for hacking. Stealing money or intellectual property, corporate or state espionage, terrorism. There are also ethical hackers that are working to make systems more secure.

Most Russian hacking rings are in the market to gain permission and access to steal money. Additional goals are to influence politics and carry out cyber attacks on the Ukraine in a not so secret war.

Chinese hacking has focused on stealing intellectual property (patented prototypes, blueprints, processes, etc) and producing to sell at a lower price. Also some is espionage related, stealing state secrets from other countries.

Estimates also place the US, Turkey, Brazil and even Taiwan, high on the list for producing cyber attack based traffic.


Best Defenses: matrix_code

  • Password security – A strong password should have more than just a word. It should be a combination of more than one word, capital letters and lowercase, and special characters.
  • Never share your password or leave it written down somewhere easily found.
  • Avoid file sharing and porn sites/software.
  • Use firewalls and antivirus/anti-malware software.
  • Backup your data regularly to another drive or location.
  • Shred or burn financial documents rather than putting them in the trash or recycling bin.
  • Don’t set your phone down and have a lock of some type on it.
  • Keep some lock on any computer that you have.
  • Change the manufacture password on your router. Most people don’t, and I have seen it exploited.

Don’t agree to cash money orders and/or wire money to the Nigerian prince. No, you do not need to pay an upfront fee because you won the lottery or are pre-approved for a credit card or loan. And they are not going to pay you more than your asking price on you craigslist ad. If you see something that it is too good to be true, it probably is. Check it on snopes or hoax-slayer. The wise do the same before forwarding any warning messages.

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David DuVall


  1. Thanks for this information. There’s so much of the terminology that I don’t know/understand and this was really helpful in decoding it for the layman. I especially loved the tips about best defense, especially changing the manufacturer password on my router. I think most people over look that!

  2. Hey David, It’s amazing how careful you have to be these days with the internet and everything. I just can’t stand the scams out there. It seems nobody wants to go out and actually work for money anymore. I don’t give out any information or share passwords. And social media is not a safe place either and it’s a shame. It’s hard to trust anyone.
    I have internet security and malwarebytes for protection.

  3. HI.. great post and lots of very sensible advice. It really is everyones worst nightmare, not only to have your privacy violated but it could lead to far more serious circumstances like bank accounts emptied and even blackmail. It really is a true saying that, if you use the internet you can never have enough security measures in place!

  4. I don’t think people really know how many ways a hacker is able to invade your privacy when your not doing your part in trying to prevent it. But if they would follow some of the steps you have provided, they’d be many steps ahead of others in fighting against cybercrime.

  5. I always thought that changing your password constantly and making it a difficult one always works. It is definitely a huge world out there when it comes to internet security and we all have to help each other protect ourselves. Thank you for this helpful article!

  6. I thought the rise of technology and security and all that eliminated people from trying to hack others. I thought it was just too difficult in this day and age, however, I couldn’t be anymore wrong and as you stated, there are so many reasons why someone would want to hack a system. I’ll be throwing out my passwords I have in my notebook asap and changing all my current ones because some of my friends know them. Thanks for all the help!

  7. That’s some great information Dave! And you do it with wonderful humor. I thought I knew a lot but I learned quite a bit from this, keep up the good work!

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