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David DuVall

Welcome. Nice to have you here. Hope that you are having a good week. Please make yourself at home and enjoy my blog.

David DuVall

Almost Batman …

I have always had an inclination toward the support of justice. In my first years of college, I was a Criminal Justice major, with the intention of becoming a police officer, but I wound up pursuing many different paths.

I continued train hard in different styles of Martial Arts and was a bouncer/bodyguard in Fargo. I worked as a locksmith in Miami and Minneapolis and consulted on all forms of physical security, alarms, and access control.

About a dozen years ago, I got involved in computer programming and networking and white hat hacking, and I am currently working in Software Development in Phoenix, AZ.

With my wide range of background experience, when I was younger I thought that I should probably be Batman or some such detective/vigilante/champion for justice, but never had the unlimited funding. And now, as a mature parental type, I realize that though it was never realistic, I can still help people by sharing things that I have learned and expanding on what I know with continued research.


I want everyone to feel confident and safe

I have always had a desire to protect people, to make them feel safe. Especially, women and the elderly. Through my childhood, besides comic book heroes, my favorite hero was a humble Chinese priest who stood up to bullies.

Also, I have long suspected that all to often, decisions that are driven by fear are not really like having a choice at all. When people make decisions from a place of safety, where fear is not in the driver’s seat, they make healthier decisions and that is good for everyone, for society in general.


Empowering everyone

In sharing my knowledge, I hope that I can prevent some people from being victims. And in doing so, serve justice through planning and prevention. I hope that everyone gets what they need in life and is able to make choices from a place of empowerment.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

David DuVall



  1. hi David: like your site, in the world today we all need to know what we can do to keep ourselves safe. hope you have great success with your blog and are able to pass on the security measures that you have learned throughout your diverse career.

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