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If you are a woman or have a daughter or a sister or a mom, you should understand the particular importance of self defense for women. Statistically, women are subject to being victim in a violent crime more often than men.

A risk of some self defense items is that they can possibly be used against the victim, so keep that in mind when choosing.

Personal Alarm

Personal alarms come in many forms. Wearable, key rings, little stuffed animals, back pack tags, there is even and alarm ring. I think it is a must have for children or elderly. It is a very good deterrent to anyone that does not want to be seen. There are audibly loud and silent versions that notify others and/or call 911.

Pepper Spray Kitty covers eyes

A shot in the face of Pepper Spray can cause temporary blindness and difficulty breathing. A very effective way to fend off an attacker. It can be fired at distance.

Kitty Defense Key chain

Kitty self defense

There are a few different versions of this device. If you are more of a dog person, there is a dog version as well. Punching while worn like brass knuckles. It has two pointed ears that can stab and, as you are wearing it, will not be easy to knock away.

Self Defense Ring

This item isn’t going to get knocked out of your hand very easily either. There are different forms. Some are loaded with pepper spray, etc. But my favorite is a serrated spike that protrudes from a ring.

Blinding Light Flash Device

Lightning strike device works like a flash grenade and causes temporary blindness. It is designed to work in the direction that you point it. lightning

Taser or Stun Gun

The taser makes a noise that is pretty scary. Stun gun is shot from several feet away, helping you keep your distance. But like pepper spray, you have to be able to aim. Some models can act either way. There is also a Stun Baton that would help keep a reach advantage.

Tactical Pen

Can be used as a pen or for stabbing. One good thing about sharp or stabbing items is that if you connect, you have collected DNA evidence.

Tactical Knife

A knife is about the handiest tool there is. It is the ultimate survival tool. It is my belief that everyone should keep one, if not on them, then in each vehicle they drive.

Whether or not you carry one for self defense is a personal choice, but if you do, you should have some type of combat training.

Ultrasonic Dog Repellent

At a frequency higher than humans can hear, this item is able to repel multiple dogs at once. Sometimes sold in combination with a spray.

Safety First

New items continue to created as the demand remains. I have even read about a nail polish in development that can change color when exposed to common date rape drugs.

The possession or use of some of these items may not be legal in every state, but I suspect that you would find empathy if you had to defend yourselves from an attacker. Most of these devices will only be effective if you have them in hand during an attack and should be used to buy precious seconds to escape. Many of these devices come in combination forms or disguised forms.

If you do use any of these devices, be sure to educate yourself on the use of each. Regardless of whether some of these items are used, I strongly recommend self defense courses for women. Everyone should have the ability to feel confident and safe in most environments.





David DuVall


  1. Hi David,
    A very useful article for all women. We should train ourselves on some of them. I liked this idea which you mentioned in the article. It is the first time I hear of it. A shot in the face of Pepper Spray can cause temporary blindness and difficulty breathing. A very effective way to fend off an attacker. It can be fired at distance.

  2. Hi David, very informative! I wasn’t aware there are so many self defense items out there. I’d be interested to see what some of these items look like, such as the kitty defense key chain, self defense ring and the tactical pen? I wonder if you could add pictures of these. Thank you for your article!

  3. This is a great article David! Everyone should keep updated on personal safety and you give great information in a easy to read and simple way that makes it enjoyable!

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